"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." Anton Chekhov


Dark Wind - Map and Introduction

A Map

To invent a new world is complicated and at times overwhelming--at least for me.  This story came to me in a flash of fire--one mad afternoon of creativity that filled my head with plots, characters and bizarre names for a different earth.

I found the perfect map--one that illustrates how the world actually looked 50 million years ago--and played with mountains and seas, countries and cultures.  Though it proves that cartography isn't my forte, at least it helps to see the lay of the land...

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This alternate view is recognizable though I've taken great liberties in using the land, continents and ethnicities for my own purposes.  I wanted some familiarity, but twisted things a bit, altered borders and names, and let my imagination run slightly amok.


A Very Brief Introduction

Native Territories are isolated by a fierce mountain range called the Great Divide. The Western Republic is separated on two fronts: from the native lands to the west, and the Northern Province to the north.

Norseland is where the Scandinavians live; there aren't separate nationalities here, they are all one group: the Norse.

The Sovereign is neutral ground.  The International Courts, government headquarters and financial institutions are located in the capitol city, Cheviot-Mears; the military training academies for air and land, and the universities of higher education are also here.  Each member country has a small principality within Sovereign's borders where aristocrats, ambassadors and officials live and work and scheme.

Beria, a land that resembles the Russian Steppes.  The Eastern Kingdom is entirely off-limits to outsiders, though they allow the export of rice and tea at the strictly guarded market city, Shichang.

Bharat is a small, indistinct island that might grow up one day to resemble what we know as India, though not in this world.

Ha'Roon and the Great Desert.  The Four Tribes are basically Bedouins, the best people to live in a country that is a desert wasteland of epic proportions.  Mor'Abat is my word for sheikh, or sultan, or potentate; in short, the tribal leader.

Amazonia is nearly inaccessible jungle.  The Ten Dragons are a native term for the steam that erupts from the mountain vents on the peninsula.  The steam endlessly flows over the jungle, enhancing the lush, damp climate and abnormal growth of the foliage.

The Southern Wastes.  Mercenaries, pirates and outlaws of every description live here.

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