"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." Anton Chekhov


Thursday, April 4, 2013

22. Taking Is Mutual

**Disclaimer **
Sex in this installment. 
 If that's a problem, then duh, don't read this.
You've been warned. 

 Parking in front of her house, Dominic sat quietly for a moment, listening to the engine ticking as it cooled, Katy’s even breathing, the dim sounds of music and laughter from the pub a block over on the main street.  He’d been waiting for what seemed half his life--instead of a week--to be with this woman, and yet, now he was finding it an exquisite torture to sit here in the dark intimacy of the night, his body humming with anticipation. 

Groaning softly, he shifted in his tight leather pants but instead of easing the pressure, his movements made it more uncomfortable.  Done with the wait, he leaned toward Katy and ran a gentle finger down her cheek, caressing her full lower lip with his thumb.  She stirred slightly, then languidly opened her eyes.  Giving him the smile he knew was meant just for him, she murmured softly, “I forgot to tell you.” 

“Tell me what, Little Red?” 

“You’re the best pirate ever.”  She stifled a yawn.  “Even better than Jack Sparrow.” 

Dominic laughed.  How could she be so guileless, and yet at the same time be so devastatingly erotic.  He kissed her, tongue probing, tasting, his mouth sucking the lushness of her bottom lip.   “I need to kiss you,” he whispered against her lips, “everywhere.”  Katy moaned, the sound igniting his craving, his need to have her. 

With a harsh sound, he was out of his seat and at her side of the car between one breath and the next.  Impatiently releasing the belt, he lifted her out of the passenger seat and into his arms.  She curled into him, easy and familiar, as if she belonged there, safe against his chest.  He nearly stumbled on the way to the porch at that unexpected truth.  Heart pounding with shock, need, fear, disbelief, he tried to open the door, but found it locked.  “Get this door open, Katy or I’ll kick it down,” he growled. 

“Lift me,” she demanded.  Her fingers slid along the lintel until she grasped the key, then he bent slightly so she could unlock the door.  Once inside he was halfway up the left-side staircase before remembering he’d supposedly never been here before.  “Am I heading in the right direction?” he asked, pausing on the stair.  Katy nibbled his earlobe, then whispered, “Oh yeah, definitely headed in the right direction.”  Dom shot up the stairs, taking the steps two at a time as Katy giggled, her breath enticingly warm on his neck. 

At her front door another low growl rumbled up his throat, but this time she was ready.  Plucking a key from a tiny pocket in her cloak, she quickly slid it into the lock.  Before the knob had barely turned, Dominic shouldered forward, pausing only long enough to kick the door shut with his foot.  He dropped Katy’s legs, but kept his arms tight around her, holding her off the ground as he kissed her, grunting with satisfaction when she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. 

His mind raced with the numerous choices in her apartment where he could take her, places he had fantasized about over the past week, but before he could think straight, get beyond sweet, soft lips as Katy kissed him with a fever that matched his own, she began slow, undulating movements against him and his tenuous control snapped.  Ravaging her mouth, he spun around and pressed her against the door.  Holding her with one arm firmly around her waist, he yanked the zipper on his pants, freeing himself from the painful leather trap.  Running his hand up her thigh, Dom sucked in a breath when his large palm curved over bare flesh and he felt the creamy, silken texture of her skin.  “No panties, woman?” he asked roughly, a dark gleam in his eye.  "Another thing you forgot to tell me."

Katy tried to speak, but could only moan at the ragged sound of his breathing as he touched her, the hard reality of his need pressing into her belly.  Arms tight around his neck, she managed to whisper, “Dom...please.” 

Dominic asked, his voice almost cruel, “What do you want?”  He rolled his hips, teasing her with each sinuous move.  “Tell me,” he ordered. 

“I want…” she hesitated, then lifted her eyes and held his burning gaze.  “You know what I want, Dom.”  He held still, waiting.  Leveraging herself a bit, she slipped a hand between their bodies and gripped him.  “This,” she whispered, “I want this.”  She kissed him as she stroked, then said softly against his lips, “And you.” 

The simple honesty of her words swamped him with such intensity, he was briefly overwhelmed and could only stare into glittering sapphire eyes for several moments before abruptly giving her a searing kiss.  Raising her slightly in his large hands, he positioned her but held back.  “Look at me.”  Hunger gave his voice a deep, raw edge.  Shivering at the sound, writhing in his strong grasp as she tried to lower herself onto him, Katy stared into the black depths of his eyes. 

“No one will touch you.”  Holding her up for another brief moment, making sure she read the truth in his eyes, he suddenly lowered her and plunged deep.  “Never again.  No one but me,” he vowed.  Katy was lost in glorious, wild abandon.  As she cried out and begged for more, he didn't hesitate to give it to her.  When he bent forward and bit a taut nipple through the fabric of her dress, the force of her orgasm nearly took him to his knees.

     As the most indescribable sensations Dominic had ever experienced sent him flying, his last coherent thought was irrefutable: Katy Montgomery now belonged to him, body and soul, and he would kill anyone who tried to take her from him.



  1. I find myself feeling sorry for her, the whisper in my ghost calling this less than a happy thing.

    1. At the moment I'm pondering the concepts of good and evil. Is one stronger than the other, are they equally balanced, or do they swing back and forth like a pendulum?

      Something's happening with the story--out of my control--which might answer those questions. Or not... ;D